Story 1

25 June 2009

Pondok Gede

Jakarta – Indonesia

Story 1

by Hugh Lynn

This is my first story for my blog.

In the beginning I didn’t want to get involved in extra effort of supporting the blog.

It all seemed like hard work to me, considering that my typing, if you can call it that, five words a minute wasn’t going to get me very far. At the moment I’ve got my 12 year old son Rafael typing this letter. He’s much faster that I am.



The idea of this blog originated from my brother in law, Riza, who ended up with us in Turangnanui a Kiwa (Gisborne) for nine months, to improve his English and hang out with the Maori and do some work around our house.

Riza, Hugh and Rafael

Hugh and Rafael pick up Riza @ Auckland Airport

He is a very multi talented young man, he is thirty one now. He was sleeping in the green shed out the back with all his electronics, when he started on this idea of the Hugh Lynn collection blog.

green shed

green shed

He had graduated from the Trisakti University in Jakarta with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and since then, had delved into electronics with his engineering brain, wanting to know how it all worked.

So by the time he got to New Zealand we had been interacting for some time. Although he couldn’t speak English and I couldn’t speak bahasa Indonesian, except to ask for cigarettes and coffee.

While Riza was in Gisborne an opportunity became available to attend and English speaking language course, being run by Tairawhiti Politech. Within three or four months into the course we were starting to communicate with each other in a fashion. He told me later, that he could only understand twenty percent of what I was saying. But being Indonesian he was too shy to say that to me, but as the course went on he seemed to be speaking English more easily. Soon the percentage increased to fifty percent. But now I had encouraged him to send me signals when he lacked the understanding with my words. Eventually the conversation got around to the possibility of doing something in Indonesia in regards to the memorabilia.

to be continued….!


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One Response to “Story 1”

  1. Well done bro, great work!
    I remember all those photo.
    I remember working on each of them, in filing them, collect them, with my 8 year archivist work!
    Yes, you are right “so manything need to be done so little time!
    Berpacu dengan waktu.

    I am on board now, on track! Copy…roger…hey where are my walky talky??? I need them for Subud world congress…

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