Hugh Lynn a half-Maori, half-Scot from New Zealand who runs The Whakapuare organization.

Whakapuare started 1969 an indigenous actives group. (Whakapuare means OPENING THE DOOR) Since then over 100 projects in New Zealand, through out The Pacific islands and Australia have been started.

Hugh has now taken Whakapuare to Zimbabwe and Indonesia. (as a result of the first Vittachi conference, which Hugh attended, and through which several young people have come into Subud).

Here he writes about his 3rd visit to Africa in 2003 with his Indonesian-born wife, Murianti…

We are now back in Harare. We have been away on the road visiting these cities: Gweru, Bulawayo, Mutare and Mudzi.

At the last place we stayed for one week to activate our Vhombozi School Project. Which is called “Water for Vhombozi” plus the “fund-raising committee project”. We deposited Zimb$1 million for the water project and Zimb$500.000 for the fund raising committee/project.

Hugh Lynn and Murianti in Zimbabwe

Our last week was spent in the rural area of Mudzi which is 4 hours drive from Harare, population 135 thousand in the villages that surround the area. No European or foreigners anywhere. In fact, you cannot get into these areas without special permission from the people who run the area.

This is where a lot of the fighting took place. This was one of the birth places of struggle for independence. It is steeped in history – war history. Fighting, death, pain, then finally independence.

They just don’t like strangers coming in to the area. Murianti and I did the latihan each morning. I think that helps a lot. I think that God is looking after us both. Thank Goodness. I don’t think we could have done it on our own.

Vhombozi School is some 26 km from Mudzi town which takes us one hour driving on what would have been a dirt road once. Very few motorized vehicles travel this road. You either walk or go by ox-drawn wagon.

No electricity, water if you can get it. Most people have to carry it on theirs heads. Woman do this work.

Our first night in Mudzi we were interviewed by the head people of the area (war veterans). We passed our test. They asked a lot of questions. Why were we here? Who were we? After we were accepted – you cannot get into the area unless you are – doors started to open.

We secured transport after much negotiation then petrol then a driver. This took 6 hours. We needed them to operate for the week to get backward and forward to the school.

Over the week we built-up strong relationship with the people of the area. We presented one workshop on Africa Speaks in Mudzi and visited two separate schools with a presentation to an assembly of all the people.

Ancient Dance, Ancient Culture

We went to visit the Vhombozi School each day, and that itself is exhausting enough. At one meeting with the parents some 400 attended from around the villages to hear our plans and then to approve them. Finally on the last day, Saturday, there was a large celebration with over 1500 people attending and many important officials, the headman and elders from the 9 villages.

African Dance – Vhombozi School Celebration

African Dance – Vhombozi School Celebration

I bought a large beast which was killed and cooked at the school. There were many different types of entertainment including traditional singing and dancing groups. Finally, in what was considered the highest honor, the elders got up to dance. First, the old women from these areas then the old men joined in, then I did too. I took my shoes off then I danced around and round the circle of old women and men. I am about that age I think.

Large Beast – Vhombozi School celebration

Large Beast – Vhombozi School celebration

Everyone kept calling me “Sakuru” which means Grandfather. I didn’t think I looked that old, but I enjoyed dancing this ancient dance with this ancient culture. It was a simple dance that the people have done for a very long time. Thank you, Lord, for giving me experience.

This project for Vhombozi School is to raise the funds to put in a bore hole for the school. The kids deserve some water at their school – it would make so much different to the 900 children who travel barefoot over the dusty tracks to go to school each day.

Funds Raising

Funds Raising

280 of them are orphans, their parents are gone now from AIDS. We formed a fund-raising committee with the members including the headmaster, representation from the villages, the councillor representing the District, one TACT Youth representative, and one from Africa Speaks.

The money will be held by the school, with two signatures required on the cheques. A meeting will be held each month to develop fund-raising ideas. The first is the Tuck Shop for the school. It will be built and stocked with things to sell. This should do quite well.

This is not an easy place to be in. Inflation is 400%. No cash in the bank, or on the street. Long queues start early in the morning at all the banks to try to with draw some cash money. If you can, it is only little.

Some bus trip were 8.5 hours long with no stops, no toilet stop just stops to pick up people from the side of the road. The bus ends up as a mass of people packed together. Air-conditioning wasn’t invented when these buses were made. Hard to breathe in the bus.

Last night we were invited for dinner to Dr. Muchena who is a Minister of Science and Technology. She has held many positions during her time in the government. Our dinner was put on to thank us for the work that we are doing with the children, her children, the children of Zimbabwe.

Hugh Lynn and DR. O.N. Muchena, MP – Minister of State of Zimbabwe

Hugh Lynn and DR. O.N. Muchena, MP – Minister of State of Zimbabwe

We are still alive.., we didn’t get sick. We have lived and travel all around the country with the people. Just like they do. How they do this each day of their life? I am not sure, but they do. They put up with it.

Hugh and Murianti Lynn, New Zealand


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  1. mr Hugh & yr wife what u have been doing to Vhombozi area was great but it seems u have now totally forgotten abt the whole program & the results.

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