Hugh Lynn – Rare 1987 footage

Fabled NZ promoter Hugh Lynn is seen here in this rare one-minute clip, battling with the record company over Herbs wishing to launch their 1987 album in Ruatoria. A storied and entrepreneurial character. Hugh owned Mascot Studios, Eden Security and was a highy successful Auckland concert promoter. He disappeared from the scene over 20 years ago….

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~ by admin on 28 November, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hugh Lynn – Rare 1987 footage”

  1. hi Hugh tried to watch achive footage of protest against record company. got as far a yellow car??
    you site is amazing.
    lorraine taylor

  2. Wow Hugh, I am a McAuley family member and was born in the year you came 6th in the World Latin dancing champs but always remember my mum talking about you with your sucess of music promoting. It is remarkable to read about your former history with promoting music and it is all I long to do. Maybe it’s in the veins. Now I understand why.
    Fantastic site.

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