Bina Cita Utama School

~ by admin on 7 March, 2011.

One Response to “Bina Cita Utama School”

  1. Hugh Lynn you may not remember me but i worked for u when i was young and you owned crazy shirts and black sheep jeans . You and Larry Morris not only tested me in the UK Daimler at Takapuna but tested my morals I have never forgotten you and glad I never gave in! I have on several occasions tried to say hello. I have now found your web site in Asia and can totally understand. You were always before your time and had gumption really pleased you are still on track and following your ideas and dreams. Remember when you would not put on a helmet as it interfered with YOUR GOD feels strange at 52 have always thought of you and remembered you knowing that there was something Special about you and who you are! Thank you for the knowledge and understanding. Good on you! Feel so Pleased that I have found out you are still different and before your time. Lots of love Alison XXXXX

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