From Fun To Big Business

STRATFORD PRESS, January 19, 1967


Stratford businessmen have the opportunity early in February to meet New Zealand’s “Mister Controversial.”

His name is Hugh Lynn. Although without doubt Auckland’s most controversial business promoter, he is also, a serious’ businessman controlling a wide field of varied and vertically integrated companies. The special two day visit to Stratford is keyed with a secret promotion scheduled for February 2 and 3.

“We are keeping the promotion secret at this stage,” he said, when interviewed by our Auckland representative, at the request of the Stratford Businessmen who are joining in the fun to build an exciting atmosphere.

At his luxurious modern office suite in a huge, sprawling vintage home and surrounded by lawns and colorful gardens, Mr. Lynn explained how he developed what he calls his “fun companies” into big business.

Undefeated New Zealand Latin American Champion from 1961 until 1966, he gained first place while touring overseas at the Australasian Latin American Championships in the World’s Professional Championships during 1962 at Melbourne.

Being a dancer of no mean ability, it was with the foresight, now considered typical and as one of Mr. Lynn’s trademarks, that he foresaw while overseas the tremendous potential of GO GO dancing in New Zealand.

Ahead of all competition, he created a GO-GO dance instruction course and in no time at all had captured the lookers within the limits of imagination of hundreds of Auckland teenagers who went Go-Going at one of his Auckland suburban dance studios.

Taking the idea a sheep further, Mr. Lynn started his own Go-Go agency and was soon hiring out dancing girls to Ballroom operators throughout all New Zealand.

His fame has spread even to Taranaki where his top girls were used recently during the opening weeks of New Plymouth’s first GO-GO dance club.

To help keep the on good social behavior, Mr. Lynn uses his Eden Security Service with a team of over 30 husky men. These well I trained gentlemen are Flown all over New Zealand with almost every visiting top personality from overseas.

Mr. Lynn draws his Security staff from his well known and long established Eden Health Club. Whenever a top overseas artist makes an appearance in New Zealand he never leaves without first visiting the Eden Health Club. “Among his client he can list such international names as P.J. Proby, Eden Kane, Tom Jones, Mike Sagger and many more.

His close and exclusive set of friends are known throughout Auckland as the “Boff Set.” Their frequent business parties never have a guest list of less than 500 and are the talk of the town for many weeks afterward. No doubt if you were fortunate enough to wangle an invitation, you would be startled at the predominance of six-button, double-lapel draped sports jackets in bright tones ranging to lemon and pink stripes, purple trouser, paisley shirts and ties, and the fashionable high heel boots.

It’s not everyone who could wear the title of “Mr. Controversial” but Mr. Lynn wears at and wears it well. Over the years and particularly during the last 3 or 4 Mr. Lynn has built a sound reputation for shrewd business acumen and is looking forward to his short visit here. Mr. Lynn is officially the guest of Thunderbird Promotions and will be available in Conjunction with the Stratford Press.


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