Dreaming Of Her Big Day


0077_dreamingofherbigday1mistylynn1980-resize-1000Three-year-old Misty Lynn thought beauty sleep took priority over poise in the New Zealand ballroom dancing queen and princess championships.

The tired little girl in pink had just completed a curtsy and simple waltz when a sudden urge to-
take an afternoon nap came over her.
An empty nearby chair seemed an ideal place to rest her weary legs.

One of 50 competitors, aged from two to 65, in the championships at Auckland on Saturday,Misty came second over all in the 1980 New Zealand princess championship for four-year-olds and under.

Each competitor was judged out of 10 points for appearance poise, beauty, personality and dancing.
Misty scored 41 points, one fewer than the overall winner, four-year-old Donna Brent-Jones.


~ by viradoang on 27 October, 2008.

2 Responses to “Dreaming Of Her Big Day”

  1. Hello Hugh, Alicia here. I had lost your email address so googled you and this is what I found! Hope you are all well down under. We are planning to come to the world congress in NZ and so, of course, thought of you and whether there would be an opportunity to do a workshop or make some preparations for one for the Maori as discussed before. Our life is changing dramatically as we are moving to Moscow in March for a wonderful work opportunity, more on that later. But mainly I wanted to reconnect and see if we should plan some extra time for our NZ trip. What are your thoughts and feelings? much love from us both, Alicia

  2. Kia Ora Alicia,

    How nice to hear from you! I hope you and Solihin are both well. Wow, Moscow in March? Sounds exciting! Yes, God willing we will get the opportunity to work together again, with my people from Turanganui A Kiwa (Gisborne). I thought the work that Solihin did, worked out well really.

    We are all in Palangkaraya, Kalimantan at the moment, living at Rungan Sari compound. This has also been a year of moving around for us. The early part in Gisborne until March, then Auckland until July, Jakarta until October, then finally we are here in the jungle of Borneo.

    Snakes; cobras, scorpions, centipedes, bats, wasps, large ants & cockroaches, jungle rats and a never ending variety of other unusual insects.
    Oooohhh…can’t forget, the 3 millions mosquitoes who, have become wildly attracted to my old body!
    We are in the land of the Dayak, known around the world as The Head Hunters of Borneo. Strange label really, they are a lovely gentle people. Although, I know they could get angry if you upset them.
    I have never lived in the jungle before…
    It is a challenging experience. It’s like stepping back in time.
    I remember when I first flew into this area. It is covered in jungle. And I wondered, is this how the world was before we started to build cities?

    Anyway, I’ll drop you an email, and we can connect again.
    We are all moving around so much. Our little tribe. The world has become a smaller place.
    Give my regards to Solihin. The last time we were together was in Morocco 2007?
    That’s was fun! He is fun, that’s probably why you married him.

    Thanks for thinking of me and making contact.

    God Bless,

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