Dancing Years… – Fleur and Misty Lynn


Shocking pink and lime green tulle and satins, spangles, bangles, sequins and bows…

The Miss New Zealand Ballroom Queen contest was the Best entertainment for $4 anyone could wish to find in Auckland on a wet Sunday afternoon.

Pathos, humour and glamour wove its spell as the prospective Miss Ballroom Queens (juvenile) lined up for the judges and took the floor slow waltz.

With sparkling eyes and flushed cheeks the under 12 years old held their breath before being whisked away by their youthtful escorts for a slow waltz.

One tot, in bright pink tulle, arms stretched to the limit, was forced to stare into her partner’s waistband, but she gamely kept up.

Youngest of them all was Misty Lynn, aged two, dressed in fresh white with red polka dots. Misty, after a nap, picked up a trophy for the “youngest ballroom princess.” She has been
dancing for tree or four months.

Fleur Lynn, her sister aged four years, in a magnificent salmon coloured ballroom gown, became Miss Ballroom Princess ( Four years and under ).

Fleur also won the Rolls-Royce-Bentley Cup for her grown.

She said she liked dressing up and her favourite part of dancing was a curtsy.


~ by viradoang on 29 October, 2008.

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