Why am I in Indonesia

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Why I am in Indonesia

Why am I in Indonesia and living in the jungle of Kalimantan or Borneo as I have always known it?


Well, it is a long story…

It started in 1995, my first trip to Indonesia.

I was on my way back to New Zealand after some time up in Norway – Amsterdam –  Kuala Lumpur to hang out with Julian Dobbie, who was working for a New Zealand property developer, in Singapore, finally I landed in Jakarta.

Julian Dobbie & Hugh Lynn

Julian Dobbie & Hugh Lynn

I wasn’t ready for Indonesia, the heat, so many people, and the traffic.
They’re all mad, were my first thoughts. So many people squashed together, coming at you down the road, on both sides, on the foot-path, and the language? Continue reading ‘Why am I in Indonesia’

Musical Chairs – Hugh Lynn

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Title: “Musical Chairs; Hugh Lynn”

by Sam Coley

Commissioned By: Radio New Zealand

First Broadcast: March 2009

7:30 pm

Musical Chairs – Hugh Lynn

Hugh Lynn was New Zealand’s most successful rock promoter of the 1980s. The legendary concert promoter opened New Zealand’s first punk nightclub, managed Herbs, and worked with the superstars of the day, including David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, Pink Floyd and R.E.M.

His outdoor concerts broke attendance records and in 1988 he was recognised by the Recording Industry Association of New Zealand with an award for his outstanding contribution to local music.

Musical Chairs takes a trip down Lynn’s memory lane, covering his career, his friendship with Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.

How did this all happen ?

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Second story, pt. 1

Hugh Lynn, 6th October 6, 2009, Rungan Sari

How did this all happen ?

In the beginning, when I first started doing shows, I kept a sample of all the imagery that were used for each show; poster, handouts, and t-shirts. Because at the end of each show we would evaluate the effectiveness of what we had done. This included, the way in which we had transmitted our messages to the public that the show was coming.

  • How effective was the design of this poster?
  • Were the colors right?
  • Was it easy to read from a distance?
  • Did the design stand out?
  • Was the information easy to pick up?

So we kept our stuff, to talk about. Now, sometimes there were only a few samples of each item and other times there was a bit more. So that’s how it started.

502 Dominion Rd. Auckland

502 Dominion Rd. Auckland

The items then were stored away under the house in Dominion road after each show. And after a while, a number of years in fact, and about 160 international acts later there was a large amount of memorabilia under the house, with lots of other stuff, for instance, dancing costumes, shoes, chairs from night clubs, and a number of different items collected over those years.

Now at this point, I must pay tribute to a man called Alby Carr. Now Alby had worked for Continue reading ‘How did this all happen ?’

Story 1

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25 June 2009

Pondok Gede

Jakarta – Indonesia

Story 1

by Hugh Lynn

This is my first story for my blog.

In the beginning I didn’t want to get involved in extra effort of supporting the blog.

It all seemed like hard work to me, considering that my typing, if you can call it that, five words a minute wasn’t going to get me very far. At the moment I’ve got my 12 year old son Rafael typing this letter. He’s much faster that I am.



The idea of this blog originated from my brother in law, Riza, who ended up with us in Turangnanui a Kiwa (Gisborne) for nine months, to improve his English and hang out with the Maori and Continue reading ‘Story 1’

For The Record -Promotor Hugh Lynn-

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FOR THE RECORDPublished by David Bateman Ltd,2002 –

Maui and Warrior
Promoter Hugh Lynn and singer Larry Morris purchased Mascot studios after the death of engineer Bruce Barton. Mascot had released the odd disc over the years: Barton had engineered a disc released on Europe and Morris had recorded for independents Moon and Gemini. Hugh Lynn saw a niche in the recording industry where he could focus his attention: a Maori renaissance was beginning to rumble, more attention was being paid on the stage to influences other than American music, and there was no reason why Maori couldn’t take their place in rock and roll. Lynn allowed interested parties to use his studios to set up camp, eat and record; with arrangements for remuneration made between the brothers.The most commercial record to come out of this arrangement was put together by Dalvanius Prime. In 1982, a round of concept singles hit the market. Studios would take a group’s hits and re-record them as a medley tagged with the phrase ‘on forty-five. ‘Thus we had Beach boys on 45,Hollies on 45 – and here in New Zealand on RCA,Terence O’Neill-Joyce produced Maoris on 45, a medley ot Maori tunes played by the Consorts with the publishing attributed to K-Tel. The Consorts themselves and the musical arrangements were the creation of Dalvanius Prime, who used the record as a stepping-stone to another single, this time on Huhg Lynn’s Maui label and entitled Poi E. The disc was recorded by a choir from Prime’s home town, the Patea Maori group, accompanied by the disco sounds in vogue at the time-Linn drums and synthesizers.Reviews were mixed for this combination of Maori chanting riding on a disco beat, but in February 1984 the song made number one. With writer Ngoi Pewhairangi, Dalvanius recorded a larger work-almost a Maori pera – toure successfully through Europe, once again with the Patea Maori concert party. Meantime back at Mascot studios, a Maori/Polynesian/reggae band named Herbs was releasing successful singles and albums on their own record label – Warrior. Herbs’ songs of gentle protest about Continue reading ‘For The Record -Promotor Hugh Lynn-‘

Police File – The Police

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Police File – Auckland Star,Thursday,March 1,1984

0040_up_policefile_aucklandstarthursday-march1-1984-rev-1000British band The Police were the center of attention last night at Auckland’s Western Springs Stadium where they toped a bill of our bands and brought six hour of rock music to

a climax in front of a crowd of around 40.000.

After sets by Auckland’s Coconut Rough, Canada’s Bryan Adams and Australian Crawl, The Police took the stage with singer/ bassist/resident sex symbol Sting center front for more

than 100 munites of hits, past and present.

The crowd loved it. Meantime, outside another band of fans did not let a fence, a lack of tickets or the police (the other sort) stand between them and the music.




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Dancing With Delaight by Cherie Devliotis published 2005 –

As with Doreen O’Leary, Da Katipa’s name, sometimes shown as Dorothy,is to be found all over this book.She wanted to dance day and night – that’s dancing herself,teaching, and auditioning for every show on in town with the wish to be chosen as one of the dancing girls.

Sandra Coney, (1993) has written about Da. She was born in 1920. When only.11 yearss of age and in the pantomime Cinderella, she was able to send one pound a week home to her family bearing out her grand mother’s hope that in the young Dorothy there could be the making of family provider. In the first exams held in New Zealand in 1935, Da was the only one in her class to pass.

0085_5_dancingwithdelight_coppyright-cheriedevliotis-2005-rev-10001She was seen in floorshows at the Peter Pan.The Auckland Star shows that in November 1946 Dar and Geraldo were exhibition dancers. Her credentials in 1957 were: R.A.D. Advanced, London (1939); F.A.T.D.(Ass.AustI.B.B.;F.A.T.D.(Elem.Com.Theatrical);Member NZAP and D;holder Teachers and Judges Certicate.

She was awarded the Commemorative Medal for services to New Zealand the field of dance in 1990. Continue reading ‘DANCING WITH DELIGHT -Da Katipa-‘